This is KLOAKr.

Cloak messaging - send a message or photo encrypted and hidden - receive the message, see it only once with your fingerprint - then it is gone forever.



KLOAKr is pretty simple, but sometimes the obvious alludes all of us. Here are the most common questions we've encountered and hopefully, the simplest solutions.


• KLOAKr compatible with which smartphones?:
— iPhone 6s and newer. Sorry, Kloakr doesn’t work on an Android smartphone…yet.
• Which Apple iOS is required?:
— Apple iOS 13 and newer. Kloakr requires the latest Apple iPhone technology.
• Where is the KLOAKr App installed?:
— Kloakr works only as an Apple Messages plug-in. Launch Apple Messages, select a message recipient and select Kloakr in the App Bar.
• How do I find KLOAKr?:
— Go to your iPhone App Store and search for KLOAKr. Get the free App here and it will automatically be installed into Apple Messages.
• What do I need to install KLOAKr?:
— To download and install KLOAKr you will need your iPhone Apple ID.


• How do I get the recipient to read my Kloakr message?:
— Send a KLOAKr invite to your recipient. Once they tap the invite message, it will assist the receiver in downloading and installing Kloakr and then direct the recipient to Accept Kloakr messages.
• Is this a self contained stealth messaging system?
— KLOAKr is a stealth tool for Apple Messages. It is not a self standing iPhone App.
• How do I authenticate messages I receive?
— You can authenticate messages with: Face ID, Fingerprint ID or Authorization Code.
• Why can’t I read a previous read message?
— KLOAKr is secure…really secure. This is a feature. Once you have read the message, there is no remaining copy, anywhere, ever.
• Can authorities see my old messages through a ‘back door’?
— Never: there is no ‘back door’. We don’t store your messages. In fact, we don’t really handle your messages. They go from the sender to the receiver and at each step are completely removed.


• Who can I talk to about technical support issues:
— You can contact us by email:
• Can I talk to someone about doing business with Kloakr”:
— Interested in investments, partnering or collaborating:


• Face ID authentication doesn’t seem to be working using Kloakr:
— The usual cause is that you have Face ID turned off in Settings. On your iPhone go to: SETTINGS -> Face ID and Passcode -> Other Apps -> Kloakr. Slide KLOAKr on (Green) and your Face ID should authenticate properly now.
• I touch the screen but the secret message isn’t revealed:
— A light ‘tap’ with your finger doesn’t reveal the secret message. You have to ‘touch and hold’ your finger down on the screen below the message or photo until it is revealed.
• My messages are showing on Apple Messages with a green bubble. Is there something wrong?:
— Yes there is. Green bubble messages indicates that the messages are being sent using SMS, and not as data. Result: Kloakr won’t work. Could be the result of not having a data plan on your iPhone, or that SMS has been turned on in SETTINGS for your iPhone, or Apple Messages has been turned off in SETTINGS.
• Kloakr messages appear with a black and white wire frame icon, and not the orange and black icon. What does the mean?
— Kloakr is not installed properly. Does happen from time to time when an update is installed. Experience shows that when you don’t have the full Kloakr icon, the installation is incomplete and something is probably broken. Delete Kloakr completely and install Kloakr again.


KLOAKr is amazing, but it does have some minimum requirements to work on your iPhone.

  • iPhone 6s or newer
  • iOS 13 or newer
  • internet connection (WiFi or LTE)
  • not SRS compatible
  • Apple iMessages enabled
  • iPhone must have a Data Plan or Data Roaming

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