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About Our App

We all know that when you put something out on the web, it's nowhere and everywhere. If a thought or an image is on the internet it could come back to haunt you.
No longer with KLOAKr!
Each text or photo that you create on your iPhone and send to another KLOAKr user instantly disappears completely from your smartphone.

Apple Messages Compatible

KLOAKr is designed for use on the iOS Apple Messages App. Just use Apple Messages as you normally do and when you need privacy, just tap on the KLOAKr plugin app. You can send text, camera shots,m videos and photos from your photo library.

Retina Screen Ready

Created to work on Retina Display iPhones, texts and photos are displayed at the eye-popping resolution of the newest iPhones.

Simple Design

KLOAKr was designed from inception to be user friendly and intuitively simple to use. KLOAKr messages appear as any other on Apple Messages with the added KLOAKr logo so you know that you've received a secret message. A simple tap on the message and you presented with the opportunity to exlusively view your message and instantly destroyed when you are through.


KLOAKr messages are all about privacy. Texts and Photos that only the sender and the recipient can see: and only viewable one time. Someone taking a look over your shoulder at your iPhone? As soon as your finger slips from the screen the message instantly disappears and is destroyed. Added privacy: the public KLOAKr message on Apple Messages disappears after two minutes...like it never happened!


KLOAKr is secure in the entire creation-transport-viewing process. Your text or photo is encrypted in AES 256 bit encryption. The original is destroyed and only the encrypted message is sent. The recipient receives the message and only after two-level biometric decryption (face and finger authentication) is the message revealed to the recipient. As soon as the recipient removes their finger from the screen, the visible message is destroyed as well as the original encrypted message -- no digital 'bread crumbs' linger.

Free of Charge

Did we mention that KLOAKr is FREE! You can download and install KLOAKr from the Apple App Store and use it for 60 days. If you don't want to subscribe to the KLOAKr Pro version, just download and install it again for another 60 days of uninterrupted service. Download it as often as you like. Of course, the KLOAKr Pro offers much more than the free version: encrypted video, enterprise and institutional group lists, recipient black-listing and much more.

How The App Works?

Apple iOS App Store Download

Go to your iPhone App Store application and search for KLOAKr. Once you find KLOAKr and select it, tap on the GET button and follow the App Store instructions.

Installs into Apple Messenger

After clicking to install, the App Store will download the KLOAKr App. When complete, the 'Open' button will appear. You will be immediately transferred to Apple Messages. Select a person you want to KLOAKr messsages with and select the KLOAKr plugin App from the App Bar. Once you send an invite to your selected recipient, you are ready to go.

Secure Encrypted Text

When you are texting with someone, you will be given two text options: a) The Public Text, that the world will see (a default message is provded) and b) the secret text you will send to be encrypted and viewed by your recipient. Just a tap on the screen below the secret message and the message is encrypted, sent and destroyed on your iPhone. No residuals to be ever found again. No, there is no back door so you need not ask us about it. There is no back door because there is no 'back'.

Secure Encrypted Photos & Videos

You have two choices for sending Photos: your own Photo Library, (which is not deleted after being sent) and taking a Photo with your camera. The camera photo or video you send will be encrypted, instantly sent and deleted from your iPhone. You will never see that photo or video again (nor will anyone else except the recipient)!

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Our Pricing Options

KLOAKr was created to make social media on the internet safer: texting without the liability.

Our KLOAKr Standard version offers  unlimited text, photo and video messages.

Trial Plan


Trial for 60 days

  • unlimited Text Messages
  • unlimited Photos
  • unlimited Videos
  • 1 User
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Standard Plan


Monthly Subscription

  • unlimited Text Messages
  • unlimited Photos
  • unlimited Videos
  • 1 User
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KLOAKr - secrets kept, secrets managed...

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