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KLOAKr, the best social media protection you can have while texting.

KLOAKr is the first preemptive social media protection solution to emerge in the $77-billion-dollar cyber security industry. This Patent Pending solution was developed to protect, prevent and enhance the personal and corporate brands of the 2.4 billion social media users worldwide.


There are countless examples of social media faux pas that have damaged and continue to damage the brands of individuals, enterprises and institutions. KLOAKr provides the solution.


Messages can only be views once! KLOAKr restricts the exchange of texts and messages between you and one other person. The moment you've read it, it's gone forever.

Simple but effective.

Our service is invisible to the world. Only you and your contact can view the message and only view the message once before it is burned away. KLOAKr is easy to use and requires no special user training.

Social Protection for everyone

This is what preemptive social media protection looks like

Like any executive bodyguard, the protection is provided effortlessly and invisibly. No awkward adaptions for using your favorite social media apps. Install it and achieve instant peace of mind that someone is looking out for you and your interests.

Automated Key Exchange System

Private keys insure privacy and security between two parties.

Social media protection

Works with Apple Messages, including texting, photo and video exchange.

Thread Management System

All Kloakr messages are deleted after two minutes removing all traces of message exchanges.

Exchange Texts, Camera Shots, Videos and Photos.

All your texting is secret and invisible to the outside world.

Amazing Compatibility.

Apple Messages on all iOS devices: iPhone, iPad....all compatible using KLOAKr in real time.

Great user experience.

Simple and effective, providing you with peace of mind that you are not jeopardizing your career, company or relationships through a simple mistake.

Screenshot Gallery

The following images are samples of the KLOAKr screens and what it looks like when running on Apple Messages.

Speaking of KLOAKr

KLOAKr is the simplest social media security app that I’ve seen in years...


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